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Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and important times in your life. Let Blossom baby create a comfortable and memorable experience for you and your family. We welcome you to our studio during any part of your pregnancy, starting at 8 weeks!

We have a beautiful theater featuring a 100’’ screen with comfortable seating.  Invite your friends and family to share your special moments as you get to know your baby.

Our facility uses one of the most advanced ultrasound imaging systems by GE. We offer 3D/4D technology & HD Live. HD Live captures and delivers clear, beautiful pictures and movements of your baby in high definition. From stretching & yawning to sucking his/her thumb see your baby in HD!

We offer several different packages, as well as a la cart items to meet your individual needs. From hearing your little ones heartbeat, to finding out the gender, to seeing if your little one resembles mommy or daddy, come visit us to watch your baby blossom! 

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